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Here's a set of traditional jazz standards, from Duke Ellington’s to Herbie Hancock’s, played in an ambient way : lots of synths, pads and atmospheres, long intros developing spacy moods, slow transitions to rythms, themes and improvisations, music fading away into soothing soundscapes closing the tracks.

Ambient Jazz is the most downloaded album on this web site, and the best way to find using a search engine. But all’s music is ambient jazz, and the more new albums come along, the more the intrication between the two styles gets deeper : take a listen at Forest Stairways and Places.

  • 01 - Star Crossed Lovers (Ellington) 7'21"
  • 02 - Antigua (Jobim) 7"42"
  • 03 - Isfahan (Elligton) 9'38"
  • 04 - Maiden Voyage (Hancock) 7'48"
  • 05 - I'll Be seeing you (Kahal - Fain) 6'35"
  • 06 - Mood 73 ( 7'42"

Star Crossed lovers and Isfahan © Duke Ellington, Antigua © Antonio Carlos Jobim, I'll be seeing you © Fain & Kahal, Maiden Voyage © Herbie Hancock with arrangements ©

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Realeased December, 20 2008, 45″48