Forest Stairways covers art


A stairway is an uncommon artifact in the woods. Who built it ? And when ? What is on top of it ? The 5 long tracks ascend and go down such steps to imaginary places, taking the listener to float away in the mist of dreams.

Forest Stairways, Yves Potin's 11th album, is a set of electronic soundscapes wandering behind the trees and ferns in the deep forests. Guitars, koto and synths build melodic improvisations blending smoothly over circling synths pads and textures.

Somewhere between Tangerine Dream and Weather Report, remembering Yes and Pink Floyd, this music take the listener into a unique imaginary travel, full of reveries and mystical projections that soothe the soul and thrill the mind.

This album was reviewed on Progarchives, on Sea of Tranquility, on YouTube and aired on Aural Moon, Galactic Travels,, Sequences Magazine, Secret Music among many other programs.

  • 01 - Flying Owl 10'12"
  • 02 - Fern Chimes 9'47"
  • 03 - Forest Mist 9'20"
  • 04 - Mirror Lake 9'17"
  • 05 - Future Tribes 11'32"

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Released September 5th, 2017

Music composed, performed and produced by Yves Potin, mastered by TailorMade Mastering