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Lakes, rivers, oceans, rains, underground currents, dangerous swirls, cascades, source of life, fascinating landscapes and sounds we all know... Waters : so many faces and shapes inspiring this ambient and jazzy album, traveling from over the underworld to the air above the vastness of oceans, crossing the paths of waterfalls and lingering on simple droplets falling from the trees in the forest. The strong rhythms, synths and guitar improvisations build architectures over the ever renewing sounds of waters...

« As soundtrack for imaginary terrestrial travel across oceans, down rivers and into rain-soaked forests, Waters bears an abidingly dreamlike vibe juxtaposing jazzily sprawling guitar-synth breaks. While jazz improv in dominant ambient environments might seem odd on paper, Yves makes it work by mindfully conforming his sorties to the context of each composition. When he gets his Joe Zawinul tones going on "Lake of Night Ruins" for example, the welcome spontaneity gives your mind something to chew on while the rest of you floats away.» John Collinge, Progression magazine, issue 71, winter 2017.

This album was also reviewed on Progarchives (4,5 stars).

  • 01 - Lake of NightRuins 06'46"
  • 02 - Droplets 06'40"
  • 03 - Oceaniques Part 1 3'00"
  • 04 - Swirls 10'26"
  • 05 - Crustacean 6'06"
  • 06 - Oceaniques Part 2 7'37"
  • 07 - Underground River 7'11"
  • 08 - Oceaniques Part 3 3'30"
  • 09 - Lee Scoresby 6'01"

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Released September 16th, 2016

Music composed, performed and produced by Yves Potin, mastered by TailorMade Mastering