Here are some videos, you can also check out the YouTube Channel.


Journey in space through the Gravity Well, from Many Sides of Music:


Through the dark city, above the mist, take a walk to the Terrace of Clouds... (November 28th, 2017). (Remix and remaster of the double album Many Sides of Music).


From the latest album, Forest Stairways. Take a walk deeper in the forest, follow the owl...


Koto ballad, from the Places album. Video released July 11th, 2017.




Life - Unfolding. Track aired on Hearts of Space radio program.

Many Sides of Music, the jazzy way.

Many sides of Music, the ambient way. Abstract music you should give a chance to...

Waters. Long spacy track with a berlin-school-like central part, and dials between synth and guitar choruses.