Places is a set of imaginary ambient jazz moods, grooves and melodies. All the tracks and improvisations were actually played, then deeply reworked after long researches on sound design and soundscapes on the computer. There’s few guitar on this record, many more improvisations are performed on the synths than before ; the koto – guitar is present in’s music since the beginning, but some tracks are completely dedicated to this instrument – far East climates submerge the listener as much as the resonant presences from the beyond and elsewhere… 01 - Marble Corridors 7'57" 02 - Seaside Terrace 5'39" 03 - Carved Grottos Part 1 6'43" 04 - Locrian Power Plant 6'44 05 - Deserted Facility 8'12" 06 - Carved Grottos Part 2 8'54" 07 - Mystery Woods 7'50" Thanks for supporting this music, purchase the album on Bandcamp. Released April 30, 2011. Music composed, performed, mastered and produced by Yves Potin.