If you’d like to support jazzcomputer.org in making more music, you can buy the digital releases on Bandcamp.com web site. High quality formats such as FLAC are available, so are classic mp3 files. Many albums are available on other major commercial platforms (Amazon, Spotify, apple...). Just click the icon of your service :


But if you’re tired of mp3 quality, would like to have a nice artwork in a jewel box, listen to this ambient jazz music on your CD player and speakers, you can receive your CDs (high end Taiyo Yuden) via snail mail.


  • €12 - $14 for one CD
  • €16 - $19 for the double album « Many sides of music »
  • €60 - $70 for my whole discography
  • Shipping costs are included wherever you are. Only Paypal is yet supported, but you can order through Paypal with a credit card without a Paypal account.

The process is very simple :

  • Click the « Donate » button below, a new window opens.
  • On Paypal web site, feed the form, indicate the amount of your order.
  • Don't forget to click on « which CD would you like to receive ? » and indicate the title(s) of the CD(s) you are ordering. .
  • Click « Donate Now » (and please share your e mail address with me) and that's it ! You’ll receive an e-mail when the CD will be shipped, normally within a day or two.

If you encounter any issue, please send me a message :

Thanks a lot for your ordering and supporting my music :).

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