Ambient Jazz Fusion music with large incursions into Progressive Rock and Berlin school sequencing, this truly first album take the listener into large soundscapes and floating atmospheres. Four very different tracks offer jazzy improvisations, with many instruments from various parts of the world : Udu, Koto, Harp, Tablas, Timpani, Nagadas, lots of Guitars and Synths, for a journey of fantasy and dreams. Good hearing !

  • 01 - Breathes 10'07"
  • 02 - Lights of lost summers 10'52"
  • 03 - Waterdrops 11'58"
  • 04 - Caves 8'11"

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Album released March 10th 2007, remixed and remastered February, 2018

Music composed, performed and produced by Yves Potin, mastered by TailorMade Mastering