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Life – Unfolding is a large ambient project about the unfolding of life potentialities, spreading as time goes by and energy flows.

It can be listened to as a unique piece, from the seeds of life to the quietness of maturity. The harmonies come from Jazz music, so are the improvisations (Air and Water Laps and Drawing Forth). The track "Seven Bells" was added with the remastering of this album. May this music be of a help for relaxing and perhaps dream!

About « Life - Unfolding » on Progarchives : "This hypnotic low-key album closer is one of the most restrained and beautiful pieces ever composed by Yves" (about "Unfolded", the final track) and on Sea of Tranquility : " this re-release goes much further than simply remastering what was originally laid down. Instead Potin has seen fit to re-orchestrate some pieces; the dreamy mechanic swirl of “Air And Water Laps” and jazz ‘guitar’ and Orientally inclined “Unfolded” almost completely reimagined. (...) once you allow these incredibly patient soundscapes to reveal themselves and then to wash over you, the beauty and undoubted craftsmanship on display quickly draws you further into Yves Potin’s life, as it unfolds".

  • 01 - Seeds in Darkness 4'13"
  • 02 - Concealing Brightness 6'54"
  • 03 - Air and Water laps 10'54"
  • 04 - Lost Shore 8'03"
  • 05 - Seven Bells 4'33"
  • 06 - Drawing Forth 6'55"
  • 07 - Unfolded 9'56"

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Released December 6th, 2009. Remixed and remastered March, 2018

Music composed, performed and produced by Yves Potin, mastered by TailorMade Mastering