This was the first album. After a very long break far away from playing music, I decided to plug again my guitar, and to gather a set of ancient stuff with more recent compositions : mostly long pieces in progressive-rock style (Oceaniques, Migrations, Terrace of clouds, Solitude), together with recent works (No Joe, Seven Bells, Nighstreet and a personal arrangement of Lennie Tristano’s Lennie’s Pennies). There was also an experimental version of the famous Pink Floyd’s Astronomy Domine, with a woman voice and absolutely no drums.

The orchestration widely used sampled instruments instead of synths (thus, this album is entirely free of loops and remixes) : Oud, Udu, Koto, Khlui Flute, a Brass ensemble, Drums, and many synths. And also a real guitar or two :). But this album contained lots of imperfections in his production.

Many of these tracks have been re-orchestrated and integrated later, on other albums. Some of the remaining tracks will be released again (like Nightstreet or Solitude). Click on their titles to have a listen :

Released in December 2006

  • 01 - Terrace of Clouds 5'58"
  • 02 - Seven Bells 4'33"
  • 03 - No Joe 5'31"
  • 04 - Oceaniques 8'17"
  • 05 - Timetrack 4'48"
  • 06 - Astronomy Domine 4'15"
  • 07 - Lennie's Pennies 3'38"
  • 08 - Nightstreet 4'19"
  • 09 - Migrations 12'20"
  • 10 - Solitude 4'07"
This album is not yet on Bandcamp, but you can order the CD