Jazzcomputer.org is presently moving all downloads to Bandcamp.com. The music remains available for listening, but thank you for supporting my work if you wish to download the albums ; better sound formats than before, including flac, are available. CDs are still shipped.

A new album will be released very soon : entitled « Many sides of Music », it will be a double album, the first one very jazzy and the second one much more ambient.

A new version of the « Best Of » has also just been released, including « Places » and also a couple of tracks from the latest release to come.

Sorry for the inconvenience during the move,and thanks again for supporting this music :)

A particularly nice review of my Elsewhere album has been published on Progarchives : http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=33563

Is there something nicer to read for a musician than his music helps people ? By the way, happy new year :)

Ambient music is not made for supporting an ambience, it's all about creating one, but isn't it the purpose of many musics ? Listen to Bitches Brew, the first Weather Report's albums, Pink Floyd's Middle among others - and what a name for a band, Weather Report, talking about musical climates ! Many people consider it has all started in Germany and not in America, at the beginning of the seventies, with musicians like Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.