Time out of Joint is a novel written by Philip K. Dick in 1959. A long time after his death, adaptations of his work to the cinema started to flourish (he only could see Blade Runner on screen in 1982). But you won't notice in the wikipedia page above that a very well known movie is a free adaptation of this great novel. Also, the powerful Matrix scene below can be interpreted as a direct adaptation of one of the final scene of this novel, when Ragle Gumm's brother chooses to return to his home town. But the Matrix trilogy itself sounds like an echo to the ontological uneasiness of this immense writer.


I don't remember if I've discovered PKD with this novel or with Ubik by the end of the seventies. The deep impression of unreality I felt while reading this story was a major milestone for me. In 1997, before these movies were released, I had the pleasure to publish an article in the academic journal Extrapolation. You can download this complete analysis of Time out of Joint, PDF format, 15 pages :

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This article was originally published in Extrapolation, Vol. 39, no. 2, summer 1998.