Progression Magazine is « the world’s foremost expositor of creatively adventurous music where cerebral appeal augments visceral gratification ». I'm really glad and proud to have a great review of my latest album, Waters, in the 25th aniversary issue !

Progresion Magazinz, issue 71

Somewhere between Tangerine Dream and Weather Report, remembering Yes and Pink Floyd, French composer / electronic alchemist Yves Potin (cleverly going by brings his own special flair to atmospheric ambient realms on tenth release Waters. Swirling, bowing, cascading tempos, tones and textures keep liquid aural impressionism at the fore with just enough rhythmic support to anchor these nine unpredictable pieces for Potin's improvisatory excursions.

As soundtrack for imaginary terrestrial travel across oceans, down rivers and into rain-soaked forests, Waters bears an abidingly dreamlike vibe juxtaposing jazzily sprawling guitar-synth breaks. While jazz improv in dominant ambient environments might seem odd on paper, Yves makes it work by mindfully conforming his sorties to the context of each composition. When he gets his Joe Zawinul tones going on "Lake of Night Ruins" for example, the welcome spontaneity gives your mind something to chew on while the rest of you floats away.

Potin has the good sense here to craft his own resonant percussion effects employing koto-guitar, sampled udu, etc. His stated goal of shaping mystical symphonic tapestries « that soothe the soul and thrill the mind » is met effectively here, and then some.

John Collinge, Progression magazine, issue 71, winter 2017.