I chose Tailormademastering.com for my latest album, Waters, and I discovered Emmanuel de Saint Méen as a man really up to getting the best of my work. We could have used my mixes as I've just finished them, but he helped me getting out the best of my sounding and really improving each track to reach what I really wanted. He gave me a fresh look on my own production, and I also learned many things to listen to my music more like an sound engineer than like a musician. His kindness, his availability, and most of all his great skills made me achieve the production of this album with a feeling of comprehensiveness I haven't reached with the previous albums that I had chosen to master by myself. I strongly recommand Emmanuel's services to you, fellow musicians, looking for a solution to master your latest productions.

« Mostly known for his work in progressive rock band "Delusion Squared", Emmanuel de Saint Méen is also the guy behind the "Crystal clear" sound of many bands. His philosophy when mastering is to enhance the musicality and the impact of a song whilst achieving the artist's vision. He defines himself as a "Sound craftsman using high-tech tools to get the best out of artists creation". »