Science fiction is a metaphor for the present. In the guise of projecting the reader into imaginary universes, sci-fi talks to us about ourselves. without cutting us off from reality. This way, it is utopia’s continuity. Think of a masterpiece like Ursula Le Guin’s "The Dispossessed" or, closer than us, Ann Leckie’s Ancillary universe.

Is there an utopia in Robert Charles Wilson’s science fiction novels?

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"Everything is allowed, God does not exist. We are masters and owners of Nature!” So can be held the biggest celebration in the history of mankind, with the planet as a buffet. This is called modernity, the world we live in.

Isn't this scary?

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Stairs are really uncommon, in a forest. Where can they lead to ? Who built them, in distant times ? Please, enjoy a gallery of images from the web. They were posted on my facebook account as I was working on an album - its title is Forest Stairways, and its music talks about strange creatures, living up or down these ancient stairways.

During November, Yves Potin /'s music is the special focus on Galactic Travels radio program! Each episode will air one album, thanks to Bill fox for his programming.

Today, Ambient Music is a lively and very diverse trend. Here are some album reviews to shine a light on artists or albums maybe too little known, or which in any case deserve a special mention because of the truly creative dimension of their music: Chronotope project, Stephen Parsick, Proton Kinoun / Kasper Weensgaard and Steve Roach's album, The Delicate Forever.

The whole Yves Potin /'s discography has been reorchestrated, remixed and remastered. The sound (and the music) are WAY improved. Albums involved : Life - Unfolding, Elsewhere, Out of the City, Light of Lost Summers and Many sides of music

Journey through Peat Bogs - Millevaches - Summer 2016. Pictures gallery.