During November, Yves Potin / Jazzcomputer.org's music is the special focus on Galactic Travels radio program! Each episode will air one album, thanks to Bill fox for his programming.

The whole Yves Potin / Jazzcomputer.org's discography has been reorchestrated, remixed and remastered. The sound (and the music) are WAY improved. Albums involved : Life - Unfolding, Elsewhere, Out of the City, Light of Lost Summers and Many sides of music

Journey through Peat Bogs - Millevaches - Summer 2016. Pictures gallery.

Stairs are really uncommon, in a forest. Where can they lead to ? Who built them, in distant times ? Please, enjoy a gallery of images from the web. They were posted on my facebook account as I was working on an album - its title is Forest Stairways, and its music talks about strange creatures, living up or down these ancient stairways.

The Culture series is a whole universe built by the Scottish writer Iain Banks. The nine novels, which can be read separately, will remain unfortunately too few due to the death of the author in 2013 at the age of 59 years. In this article, you will find a complete presentation of this fascinating universe. PDF files for printing are available,

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Today, Ambient Music is a lively and very diverse trend. Here are some album reviews to shine a light on artists or albums maybe too little known, or which in any case deserve a special mention because of the truly creative dimension of their music: Chronotope project, Stephen Parsick, Proton Kinoun / Kasper Weensgaard and Steve Roach's album, The Delicate Forever.

Philip K. Dick's Time out of Joint is the source for things as well known as Truman Show or even Matrix. This article lets you download a complete analysis of the novel, and links to a Matrix scene identical to the novel's conclusion.

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