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Life – Unfolding is my most ambient project. This album is about the unfolding of life potentialities, spreading as time goes by and energy flows.

It can be considered as a unique piece, from the seeds of life to the quietness of maturity. With intensive use of synths (and no samples or loops), the jazz elements of this music are to be found in the harmonics and chords used, and the way guitar improvisations are played. May this music be of help to calm you down, relax and perhaps dream !

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Released December 6th, 2009

  • 01 - Seeds in Darkness 4'14"
  • 02 - Concealing Brightness 6'41"
  • 03 - Air and Water laps 13'31"
  • 04 - Lost Shore 8'01"
  • 05 - Drawing Forth 7'50"
  • 06 - Unfolded 10'04"

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