Welcome to Ambient Jazz Music, made of various soundscapes, at the boundaries of ambient music, prog and jazz. Have a nice time with these mystical symphonic tapestries « that soothe the soul and thrill the mind »

The double album Many Sides of Music is now completely remixed and remastered, with large parts entirely re-orchestrated. This new version was released on November 28th, 2017.

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2016 - Lakes, rivers, oceans, rains, underground currents, dangerous swirls, cascades, source of life, fascinating landscapes and sounds we all know...

Many Sides of Music

2014 - Double Album, The Jazzy Way and The Ambient Way

Best Of

2005 - 2014 Compilation of the best tracks of these albums

Ambient Jazz

2008 - Jazz standards in an ambient fashion, most downloaded album on this web site

Forest Stairways

Latest Album (2017) - 5 Long tracks climb forest stairways to imaginary places, taking away the listener...

Life - Unfolding

2009 - Very ambient project. Unfolding of life potentialities, spreading as time goes by and energy flows.


2007 - Lush atmospheres and large ambient soundscapes including instruments from many places in the world. Have a nice journey - Elsewhere...


2006 - First album (not on Bandcamp).


2011 - Atmospheric and improvised album with a set of Urbex photographs to dive in.

Out of the City

2009 - Ambient musical journey beyond stress, exhaustion and solitude, shifts to another world and a new life

Light of Lost Summers

2007 - Large soundscapes, floating atmospheres and jazz-rock improvisations, with many instruments from various parts of the world