You'll find here Ambient Jazz Music, made of various soundscapes, at the boundaries of jazz, prog and ambient music. Lush pads, guitar improvisations, oriental percussions, hypnotic drones, jazzy harmonies, ambient grooves, Koto, Water Drums, cosmic ambiences, soothing atmospheres…

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Many Sides of Music Many Sides of Music
Places Best Of Jazzcomputer.org Life - Unfolding
Out of the City Ambient Jazz Elsewhere
Light of Lost Summers First Album

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Now, some videos :

Warp, from Many Sides of Music

Soavre, from Many sides of Music, the Ambient Way

Lost Shore, from Life - Unfolding :

Water Drops, from Light of Lost Summers :

Jazzcomputer.org's albums have been downloaded more than 3000 times since November, 2010 (not including the listenings on the site) and the music have been broadcasted on various radios. You can find more details on the references page, with links to interviews and other stuff.

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